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Purpose of the enterprise ● the provision of multi-dimensional, high-quality products and services, all-round assistance to customers, employees and business experience to achieve success. ● Enterprise Location: feed additives industry to do the comprehensive development of enterprise groups. ● principles of business: customers and employees a high degree of responsibility and seek common development path. Enterprise mission ● feed additives become a leader in the field, continued to pursue the maximization of customers. ● To maintain and develop feed additives in the field of leadership. ● the most effective high-quality green products to help our high-yield farming completion of the environmental protection goals. The company's basic principles (A) the principle of life: integrity, respect, hard work, pragmatic Integrity --- ● work of due diligence, failing Selection Committee ● Non-party does not seek private gain, not Qi Xin ● law-abiding, comply with the corporate system ● without being literal-minded, humble and not straight Respect --- ● respect for shareholders, customers and partners: respect for shareholders, customers and partners to the views and needs, pay attention to market feedback, and strive to achieve the maximum customer satisfaction. ● respect for others: concern for the Prevention of Cruelty to colleagues, respect for the personality, views and habits of doing things, not because of the level of duties, the department took a different attitude and distinction. ● respect for the ability and performance: Kang Zhuang veterinary respect, trust each and every employee, I believe the staff will do its utmost to work, the company will be based on individual ability and performance evaluation of the value of employees and to provide opportunities for development, not one-sided emphasis on staff qualifications and In the past background. Hard --- ● strong dedication ● top-notch work attitude Pragmatic --- ● really do a good job in every work ● love, honesty and compliance (B) the principle of doing things: the courage to bear the overall situation and strive for excellence ● responsible ● subject to the overall interests of local interests, the interests of individuals subject to the collective interests of the ● At the completion of outstanding work in goal ● to provide customers with as much as possible beyond its original expectations of the service
  Cangzhou Kangzhuang Biotechnology Co., Ltd was established at the beginning of 2000 and is located at the beautiful lion city, Cangzhou, Hebei province. Complying with the great tide of reform, the feed additive production line was put into operation formally in August of the same year. The main product includes feed additive, microecologics, enzyme preparations, vitamin premix, fermented soybean meal and fermented cottonseed crumb and aquatic feed, etc. The ISO9001:2000 international quality certif.ication system was passed smoothly in March 2003.....

  President Mr. yunchen wu is the enterprise's founder and leader。He was born in 1959,zhangzhuangzi ,Cangzhou City,ethnic Han,Communist party member,university education。An expert on feed science and animal nutrition. His military background, poor family experienced, many frustrations and hardships, which created him daring dare and never yielding’s spirit with kind hearted, guileless, general love’s good character.

  With reform and opening up, after his self sufficient and endless struggle, he became the well known first batch of wealthy people, the character of not forget the people in same village, returned to his hometown in 1989, as village party branch secretary, led people to the common prosperity....

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